L'Abile Teatro presents



is not a chair

Urban theater-dance show where the performers, ready to bring their coreography to the stage, they realize they don’t have desire to dance anymore, obsessed with one only question: Why am I not happy?

The search for happiness derails them towards new languages, eventually abandoning their roles, entering into conflict and engaging the audience to help them. Their research will lead them to reveal to the viewer a single irrefutable certainty: Happiness is not a chair.

Duration: 30 minutes
Genre: Theatre/urban dance
Of: Mirco Bruzzesi
With: Daniela Manetta
and: Alessio d’Urso
Direction: Mirco Bruzzesi
Coreographies: Simona Ficosecco
Costumes: Liubov Kutzentsova
Make-up: Riccardo Socionovo
Production: L’Abile Teatro

Theatre Urban Dance

Created to be represented in the street Nebulae allows the public, thanks to the use of new languages, to approach the world of contemporary dance, to have fun and to intrigue.


is not a chair

Happiness is a mystery. We chase after it without understanding exactly where to find it. Our models are mostly based on possession: beauty, success, wealth, a white chair. And even when we manage to reach them with enormous sacrifices, we still feel empty and unsatisfied. And so we return to the starting point: uncertainty.

Uncertainty, the fog that envelops everything, is the natural habitat of human life. Yet the hope of escaping it is the main ingredient of happiness. We would like to experience authentic happiness, but it seems to remain constantly at a certain distance from us. And for how many efforts we make to get closer, she walks away from us.

But what is happiness ultimately? If this question seems to escape our understanding, perhaps we just need to change the way we look at things. Instead of looking for happiness on the horizon, where it is suggested to us that it may be located, we could look for it on the journey to be made. Instead of escaping uncertainty, we could welcome it excited. Instead of looking for it out of our control, we could recognize the happiness that is already ours.